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HQQ Stories

This is our story page. It has come about because some of the people we work with come back to us sometime later and let us know what they are doing with the help we provided for them. The stories help visitors to our website understand how our work is used and is continuously useful for healthcare organizations.


Following are some of our recent stories.


CAHO Dialog 2023 Vol 7 Nancy Dixon

(the Consortium of Accredited Health
care Organizations) in India

DIALOG: 2023 (vol 7, August 2023)
Collected Works from Global Healthcare Leaders

Nancy provided a webinar on 7 February 2023 on Clinical audit and its relevance to outcome measures as part of the CAHO–ISQua International Webinar Series. Nancy’s presentation has been reproduced in the 2023 volume of DIALOG, along with presentations of international leaders in quality and patient safety.

The entire DIALOG issue is available at: 


Primary Health Care Corporation, Qatar

Clinical audit training for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals working in primary care


In 2020, HQQ provided a series of workshops for healthcare professionals working in primary health care centres in Qatar on designing and carrying out a clinical audit. Each workshop was fully booked by staff working in health centres at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. The workshops were fully recorded, including the slide presentations and the discussions on possible audits with the doctors, nurses and other staff who participated in the workshops.


The PHCC Clinical Effectiveness Team has continued to offer the workshops to staff who are new to working in PHCC health centres, using our recorded workshop. 

For more information on our Clinical Audit Workshop: 

For more information on our book, Getting Clinical Audit Right to Benefit Patients

Clinical Audit Workbook
Clinical Audit Book - Getting Audit Right
Getting Clinical Audit Right  — The clinical audit process Slides
Nancy Dixon - CEO of HQQ
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