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We are a highly skilled, friendly team helping healthcare organizations to improve the quality and safety of patient care in the UK and internationally.

We work with National Health Service (NHS), military, private sector, charitable and other organizations in the UK and Ministries of Health and other government bodies in other countries on activities aimed at assuring and improving the quality and safety of patient care. 


We have 37 years of experience.

HQQ About Us
Medical Staff


We believe that the people who provide healthcare services want to do the best for their patients.  


We see our role as giving these providers of healthcare services effective, practical and scientifically sound methods and tools to help them improve their practices.


We work as a well-functioning team to design and carry out consultancy projects, teach, and produce clear, practical and evidence-based publications on quality and safety improvement in health care.


  We are …                  Credible

  We are …                  Inventive

  We are …                  Analytic

  We are …                  Inspiring

We use the
evidence base

We continuously screen the current evidence base on quality and patient safety looking for significant ideas and research findings that clinicians could apply.
We maintain our own substantial library of books and journals about quality and safety in healthcare. 

We develop methods and tools

We create scientifically-sound methods and tools that blend the evidence base with practical and effective application in the healthcare workplace. 
Our methods for clinical audit, quality improvement and patient safety incident analysis are referred to as ‘gold standard’.

We find
elegant solutions

We are incisive analysts of the way things work now. We are ‘clean thinkers’ of what is possible and how to make it happen.
We have devised workable clinical audit and quality improvement strategies and operational programmes for health systems in diverse countries.

We communicate effectively

We are excellent teachers and writers of technical information about improving and accounting for the quality and safety of patient care.
Our learners tell us they are ‘inspired’ by our courses and workshops. Our clinical audit and quality improvement books are so popular that they have been reprinted many times.
Doctor with Files


We have worked with healthcare organizations in all countries in the UK and with all types of healthcare services in all types of settings in the UK Including:


  • NHS university and general hospitals, community services, and mental health, including forensic, services, and specialist NHS services

  • Primary care centres

  • Private sector hospitals and other providers of specialist healthcare services

  • Public health

  • Charities that deliver healthcare services

  • Dental services

  • Occupational health services

  • Health education organizations

  • National organizations supporting healthcare 

  • Military organizations that deliver healthcare services in the UK and abroad

  • City councils delivering community health services

  • Large veterinary practices.


We have helped staff working at all levels in these organizations implement effective clinical governance, clinical audit, quality improvement, risk assessment and management, patient safety, incident reporting and analysis and related programmes. 


In other countries, we have worked with Ministries of Health and related government and national bodies and developed:


  • Widely disseminated national strategy documents for clinical excellence, clinical audit and quality improvement

  • Clinical audits to be carried out on a national basis

  • Cadres of clinical and specialist staff to become experts in clinical audit and quality improvement through our training courses and workshops

  • Train-the-trainer packages for staff to extend training on how to carry out clinical audits or quality improvement projects

  • Hospitalists in training, to support the implementation of clinical governance in their clinical services and carry out substantial quality improvement projects.

Internationally, we have worked with:

  • Falkland Islands Government Health Service

  • Health Service Executive South, Ireland

  • Joint Commission Taiwan

  • King Fahad Medical City, Riyadh

  • Ministry of Health and Social Development, The Bahamas

  • Ministry of Health, Botswana

  • Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia

  • National Guard Health Affairs King Abdulaziz Medical City, Riyadh

  • Primary Health Care Corporation, Qatar

  • University of Ferrara, Italy

  • Vereniging voor Ziekenhuisgeneeskunde (VvZG) (Association for Hospital Medicine), The Netherlands


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