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Assessing Clinical Risk — a local workshop for clinical staff

Benefits of the workshop

Clinical risks in clinical services need to be identified and assessed and priorities set for managing risks.

This workshop is designed to help clinical teams who need to complete a systematic assessment of risks in their services. It includes principles, evidence relevant to clinical risks by type of care and type of clinical service and practical tools and guidance for identifying and assessing risks.

Intended participants

The workshop is designed for clinical staff and managers of clinical services who have responsibility for leading and for participating in clinical risk assessment. Clinical governance facilitators and clinical risk managers will benefit from learning how to facilitate clinical teams to carry out systematic clinical risk assessments.

Learning objectives

The workshop helps participants understand the importance of recognizing clinical risks in delivering patient care on a day-to-day basis. Participants will learn:

  • the key concepts and terms involved in the assessment of clinical risks
  • international evidence on the incidence of adverse events in healthcare organizations, the nature of the events and the services in which they occur
  • how to identify and and analyse risks in clinical services
  • scoring systems that are used to assess clinical risks
  • practical tools to carry out the assessment of clinical risks with clinical colleagues and to identify the highest priority risks
  • how to gain commitment from colleagues to identify clinical risks on an ongoing basis
  • links among clinical risk assessment, clinical audit, quality improvement, clinical effectiveness and clinical governance.
Venue and workshop programme

In order to involve as many clinical staff as possible, we provide the workshop at a local level and at a time most convenient to the participants. We travel to your organization and provide the workshop onsite.

The workshop includes presentations of principles, evidence, practical tools, examples, and individual or group work. Participants identify risks, score the risks, decide on significant risks that need to be acted on and plan action to reduce significant risks.


Each participant receives a copy of a 70–page book that includes principles, step-by-step guidance, examples and practical assignments to do in the workshop. Certificates of participation in the workshop are provided.

What clinical staff say about the workshop

Participant comments on the workshop include:

'Very interesting and valuable workshop'

'Good facilitator, very knowledgeable'

'Very useful and practical workshop. Speaker is excellent'

'The whole day was very enjoyable and informative. I feel I have a better understanding of risk assessment'

'Important and informative aspect of care'.


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