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Planning a User Focused Service — a local workshop for clinical staff

Benefits of the workshop

The workshop is designed for multiprofessional and multi-agency teams who want or need to rethink the way services are provided now and to develop a shared ‘vision’ for how services could be better provided from users’ perspectives. The workshop is useful for strategic planning and team building purposes and as the first major step in the work involved in redesigning a service.

Intended participants

The workshop is intended for a specific team or group appointed to redesign or improve a particular service. The workshop is suitable for clinical staff, managers, primary care group or health authority representatives or other individuals with a major interest in the service.

The workshop is designed for planning both clinical and non-clinical services and is applicable for all types of patients or users including actual and potential patients, carers and user advocates or representatives as well as professionals or managers of other internal services or of other organizations.

Learning objectives

In the workshop, teams or groups will complete the following:

  • identify what they believe users require of the service being considered
  • recognize what they believe are users’ expectations of the service
  • consider future influences on the service and project how users’ requirements and expectations of the service may shift in the future
  • based on their analyses, identify potential conflicts in requirements and expectations and formulate potential resolutions or approaches to resolution
  • set tentative priorities among user requirements and expectations
  • assess how the present service delivers on current user requirements and expectations and whether or not the service is prepared for future shifts
  • reach consensus on the major improvements required in the service and the nature of changes needed to achieve the improvements
  • create an action plan for the way forward.
Venue and format

We provide the workshop locally to enable a maximum number of team members to work together to analyse the service and devise an outline strategy for planning a patient-focused service.

The workshop is a structured ‘working’ day for the team or group. The facilitator structures the day, sets the tasks to be completed by the team, helps the team with the work and monitors progress on behalf of the team. Participants spend nearly all the workshop time working individually, in small groups or in plenary sessions on practical tasks.


Each participant receives a 65–page book that explains the workshop approach and provides for recording the team's work. Certificates of participation are provides.


Contact us to arrange a local workshop.


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