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Team Workshop on Quality Improvement — a local workshop for clinical staff

Benefits of the workshop

Most healthcare services are so complex that it is not possible for one or two individuals working alone to make any real improvements. It takes a team effort to achieve and sustain improvements that provide substantial benefits to patients and service users

Successful improvement teams don’t just happen automatically. People who make up a team have to know what’s expected and exactly what each person on the team has to do. The workshop provides teams with information, facilitation, guidance and experience in planning an improvement in the quality or safety of care or service.

Intended participants

The workshop is for groups of staff who want or need to work together to make improvements in real work situations. The staff can be clinical or non-clinical, single or multi-professional, or from one or several services, departments, directorates or agencies. Managers responsible for a group are encouraged to participate. Others who will support a group will benefit from participating.

We often prepare local quality development or improvement or clinical audit facilitators to facilitate teams' work in the workshop.

Learning objectives

The workshop helps clinical teams to:

  • learn what it takes to make a successful team
  • make decisions that consider everyone’s views but aren’t ‘the least common denominator’
  • identify who has to support a particular quality improvement project and how to get that support
  • recognize the barriers to making an improvement in patient care and plan how to deal with them
  • figure out the outcomes and processes involved in an improvement project
  • decide on the best ways to create evidence on current practice to show the difference a change in practice makes
  • decide when patient and staff views are needed and the best ways to obtain the views
  • anticipate actions needed to achieve improvement
  • plan how to carry out repeat measurements to show the effects of actions.
Venue and format

The workshop is for groups of staff who work together. So we offer the workshop only on a local level. We travel to your organization and provide the workshop on site at a time most convenient to the groups of staff who will participate.

In the workshop, we explain our systematic, scientifically-based approach to improving the quality of care or services, and techniques teams can use in improvement projects. We help teams to develop consensus about a needed improvement, test commitment to the project and decide on methods to measure current practice.


Each participant receives a 75–page reference book on quality improvement tools and techniques with examples and practical work for teams to complete in the workshop.

What participants say about the workshop

Participant comments about the workshop include:

'It's been one of the best workshops I've been on, and I've worked for the NHS for 20 years'

'The value has been working on real issues with the people who will be the driving force behind a change'

'The workshop made quality improvement real'

'Handbook very clear and useful. Fantastic to see the definitions'

'The whole contents of the workshop I found of interest and value'

'Really interesting workshop and a good process for getting teams on board to develop clinical effectiveness programmes'

'The workshop was valuable in every way as it provided clear guidance on how to take the QI process forward'

'Good workshop and facilitation. Tools for analysis useful'

'Practical exercises made it worthwhile and meaningful'.


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