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Mapping Processes for Quality Improvement — a local workshop for clinical staff

Benefits of the workshop

If you work in any healthcare organization, you are likely to experience frustration because of ‘the system’. Unexplainable delays in service, missing or lost information, the time it takes to arrange a service for a patient, or the time it takes to do paperwork all are examples.

One way to get people involved in redesigning systems is to map processes or systems. A process map is a way of showing exactly how a clinical or non-clinical process works. Process maps are an extremely useful way to get people involved in making improvements.

The workshop provides participants with the knowledge and skills to use process mapping techniques.

Intended participants

The workshop is designed for individuals who will analyse or help others to analyse the way care or service is provided now and, where necessary, to redesign the way things work.

Clinical governance leads, quality development managers and clinical effectiveness and clinical audit facilitators can learn how to lead and support teams in process mapping.

Learning objectives

The workshop helps participants analyse current processes of care to figure out how real improvements can be made. Participants learn:

  • why you should map processes of care before making changes in practice
  • what process mapping is about
  • how ‘cycle time’ used in industry relates to day–to–day processes in caring for patients in any healthcare setting
  • different techniques for doing process mapping
  • how making a process flow continuously can lead to quality improvements and cost savings
  • how to identify the types of steps in any clinical or non-clinical process and decide if each step adds any value
  • how to develop, interpret and act on a process map.
Venue and format

We offer the workshop on a local level. We travel to your organization and provide the workshop on site at a time most convenient to the staff who will participate.

The workshop includes presentations of principles and tools and individual and group work. Participants develop specifications for a process, analyse a process, redesign a process to meet specifications, and plan how to help a team to map and change a process.


Each participant receives a 54–page book that describes principles of process mapping, examples to help understanding of key ideas and practical assignments to be done during the workshop. Certificates of participation in the workshop are provided.

What participants say about the workshop

Participant comments on the workshop include:

'Examining current processes and identification of process failure was most valuable'

'Clear explanation of whole new vocabulary of mapping process'

'It was a lot to get through in a short time and the fact that I understood it must mean it was done well'

'Good informative teaching programme'

'Understanding the benefits of process mapping and then how to do it was most valuable'

'Very worthwhile and I will encourage my colleagues to engage in this type of programme'

'Presenter's knowledge of material most useful'


Contact us to arrange a local workshop.


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