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Involving Users in Service and Health Improvements

Benefits of the workshop

True service improvements depend on knowing how patients and service users experience a service or how they see the aspect of care involved.

  • Is the service acceptable to patients and users as it is — or would people on the receiving end of the service like to see things done differently?
  • If there are options for changes to bring about improvements, what would patients prefer and why would they prefer some options over others?
  • How would patients evaluate their experience of a service? What would they set as criteria?

The workshop is designed to help participants to work with patients and service users to improve the quality of the patient experience.

Intended participants

The workshop is for service improvement or development lead and teams, clinical governance or quality improvement leads, quality development managers, clinical effectiveness and clinical audit facilitators and teams, clinicians and managers.

Learning objectives

The workshop helps participants to:

  • realize the benefits of involving patients and users in developing an improved service
  • use a structured approach for deciding when and how to involve patients and users
  • select qualitative and quantitative techniques to get patients' and users’ involvement and views and when to use the techniques
  • plan how to use techniques such as surveys and focus groups to get patient's and users’ views
  • consider ways to involve patients and users in clinical effectiveness, clinical audit and other service evaluation activities
  • prepare for and deal with opposing viewpoints among patients and users and between patients or users and providers of services.
Venue and format

The workshop is for local teams who want to involve patients or users in an improvement programme so we offer the workshop only on a local level. We travel to your organization and provide the workshop onsite at a time most convenient to the staff who want to participate.

In the workshop, we walk through our structured approach to making decisions about involving patients and service users in an improvement programme, techniques teams can use to involve patients and users and how to use the techniques. Participants spend approximately half the time working in small groups deciding how to apply the approach and ideas presented in the workshop.


The participants receive a 75–page book that describes principles and techniques for involving patients and service users' and gives directions on how to use the techniques. Certificates of participation in the workshop are provided.


Contact us to arrange a local workshop.


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