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Using Root Cause Analysis to Improve Patient Safety Book   

rca-bookUsing Root Cause Analysis to Improve Patient Safety is a 125-page practical guide for clinical staff on how to carry out a root cause analysis of a serious incident or complaint that happens in a healthcare organization. The book is easy-to-follow with diagrams, clear definitions and a complete example of a patient-related root cause analysis. The book is based on current evidence related to carrying out root cause analysis in a healthcare setting. It emphasizes especially carrying out a root cause analysis in a small team and the importance of the team learning how processes and systems used to deliver patient care can fail and the impact of such a failure on patient care.

The book includes a short overview of human factors and how they can happen in a busy healthcare environment. It includes a summary of evidence about typical shortcomings in carrying out root cause analyses in healthcare organizations, and presents a stage-by-stage approach to root cause analysis intended to overcome these known shortcomings. The process described is focused on taking actions that will prevent the occurrence of the same incident or event in the future, rather than to act on the people involved in the incident being analysed.

Extensive references are provided. In addition, the book includes a short summary and example of failure mode and effects analysis and a summary and examples of aggregate root cause analysis. It also includes practical advice on organizing the work involved in a root cause analysis, working with a small team.

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