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Getting Clinical Audit Right to Benefit Patients by Nancy Dixon — Italian edition edited by Professor Ulrich Wienand

gar-bookNow available, the Italian edition of Getting Clinical Audit Right to Benefit Patients by Nancy Dixon. A practical guide for health professionals on how to do clinical audit to benefit patient's health. Easy to understand and accompanied by a large number of tables, charts and practical examples, the text contains an extensive set of references on "good practice" for the measurement of quality of patient care and how to act on the results of the studies. 

A key work for anyone involved in health care quality and clinical audit in particular. 

Sale price to the public €45.00.

Price for members of the Italian Society for Quality in Health Care-allele (SIQuAS-allele) €30.00.

Shipment of the book is free.

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Clinical Audit Newsletter - special issue July 6, 2011, University Hospital of Ferrara:

'Nancy Dixon's book is the fruit of long experience as an author, lecturer and consultant in Clinical Audit over more than 20 years. The book makes a careful distinction between Clinical Audit and other related activities. The reader feels taken by the hand and guided step–by–step through all stages of the design and conduct of a clinical audit. The volume is full of examples, flow charts with information on "how to do" practical tools including forms. Following the text, it is almost impossible to miss a step in the audit process. Dixon at times uses particular terminology, for example, the term "measure" to mean criteria and standards with exceptions. The distinction between exceptions and exclusions is precious and illuminating, as is the distinction between different types of standards. The innovative "two–stage approach" describes how clinicians peer review cases that don't meet measures. The references are updated every year.'

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