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Clinical Audit Teaching Package — a professional teaching kit on clinical audit

catpBenefits of the Teaching Package

Clinicians and clinical audit staff are often expected to motivate clinical groups to carry out clinical audits and to teach clinical staff how to do a clinical audit. But clinicians and facilitators don’t have the time to properly develop an effective, professional teaching package that will work time after time with clinical teams.

We have designed the Clinical Audit Teaching Package in response to requests from healthcare organizations for a teaching package that works as well as our highly successful workshop, Getting Clinical Audit Right to Benefit Patients. The materials in the Teaching Package have been subject to extensive evaluation by clinical teams over a number of years.

Intended uses

The materials and content in the package are flexible and can be used in a number of different ways including any of the following:

  • a short presentation on the clinical audit process
  • short presentations on any of the steps in successfully designing and carrying out a clinical audit
  • a series of four 2–hour workshops, or 2 half–day workshops, or a one–day workshop or a two–day workshop on clinical audit.
Package components

The content in the package is divided into four modules. Each module is designed to require 2–4 hours depending on time allocated for learners to carry out practical assignments. The content covered in the package includes the following by module:

  1. 1 — What clinical audit involves, including a rapid—cycle approach to clinical audit
    1 How to design a clinical audit
  2. 2 — How to formulate measures of quality for a clinical audit
  3. 1 How to collect and collate data
    3 — How to review the findings of a clinical audit
  4. 1 How to analyse variation in clinical practice
    4 — How to identify problems in current practice and their root causes
  5. 1 How to plan and implement change
    1 How to measure practice again and follow up on audit findings

The package includes:

  • a binder containing all the teaching material
  • guidance on how to use the Teaching Package
  • a set of four PowerPoint presentations, a total of 175 slides
  • 4 word-by-word scripts for use in giving presentations or workshops
  • 4 20-plus page booklets that are handouts for learners
  • posters to use to market teaching sessions on clinical audit
  • certificates to give to participants in teaching sessions on clinical audit
  • sample agendas and evaluation forms to support using the package
  • sample clinical audit forms.

Samples of pages from the Teaching Package look like this:



What users say about the Clinical Audit Teaching Package

User comments about the teaching package include:

'We have done a complete evaluation on the package, I am pleased with the results and feel that the package was a sound investment'

'The package is brilliant. It works absolutely perfectly'

'100% of our participants rated the content on designing a clinical audit good or excellent and over 90% rated the rest of the content good or excellent'

'The students loved the books they got'

'Sampling content is great! Wonderful! I understand all about sampling — and can teach it — as a result of the clarity of the materials'

'The references in the scripts to the page numbers in the learners' book is really good'

'Thank you for producing such an excellent product'

License agreement

The Clinical Audit Teaching Package is available under a license agreement between Healthcare Quality Quest and the buyer.


The cost of the Clinical Audit Teaching Package is £1285 plus applicable VAT and shipping.


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