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Writing for Publication — a local workshop for clinical staff

Benefits of the workshop

We’ve observed that many people working in their own clinical settings have carried out improvement or clinical effectiveness projects, clinical audits, evaluation studies or projects that really make an important difference to patients, users or staff. Often, the work has been well designed with evidence supporting the benefits.

Surprisingly, the people involved in creating exciting, innovative solutions to longstanding problems don’t think of publishing their work because they are so daunted by the publication process.

This workshop is designed for clinical and other staff who have carried out work that merits publication — and want practical help in writing for publication or writing reports or other materials.

Intended participants

The workshop is intended for staff who have carried out an improvement or clinical effectiveness project or a clinical audit or an evaluation study and who want to write either a report or an article about their work. It is also for staff who have to write other important materials such as information for patients or service users.

Learning objectives

The workshop provides practical guidance on writing for publication. The emphasis in the workshop is on writing on the subject of a clinical audit, quality improvement or related project.

Participants learn how to:

  • recognize personal habits that impede good writing
  • develop specifications for reports or other materials, if the specifications are not available
  • organize ideas and content for an article or a report
  • outline in detail an article or a report
  • decide if your work merits publication
  • anticipate what will happen when an article is submitted for publication
  • avoid common errors in grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • prepare references correctly
  • observe ethics and confidentiality considerations in preparing an article or a report.
Venue and workshop programme

We offer the workshop on a local level. We travel to your organization and provide the workshop on site at a time most convenient to your staff.

The workshop facilitator provides short explanations of key ideas, with practical hints and examples. Participants spend about two-thirds of the workshop working on practical tasks. The facilitator gives as much individual feedback as time permits.


Each participant receives a copy of a 55–page workbook that includes principles, reference information and assignments to be done during the workshop. Certificates of participation are provided.

What participants say about the workshop

Participant comments about the workshop include:

'Good ideas and suggestions on initial planning of the whole process. Handy ‘thesaurus’ to simplify wording'

'Worthwhile, especially in the current climate where it is increasingly difficult to get papers accepted by peer reviewed journals. Much appreciated, many thanks'

'Now I have a clear picture on how to prepare various things for a paper. I have already submitted two papers for publication and both of them rejected. Now hopefully I can improve the next one. It was really a good programme'

'Overall, I found the workshop beneficial and now feel more confident about approaching writing for publications. The tutor is an excellent presenter and very approachable'

'The last part of the workshop — on submitting for publication — I found the most valuable. It gave information that is very hard to find elsewhere or learn about from consultants. I found the headings in a report or paper section also very practical to get started and to help organize writing'

'Overall very happy with the day. Helped to develop skills which I feel I could use again. Thank you!

'I found the practical sessions and handouts very useful. Breaking the process down into sections allowed us to commence work — so the preparation has already been done'

'I am quite impressed with the way this workshop was organized. This is very useful for us and helps us to write for publication'

'Found it very helpful to structure a way of starting to write — makes it easier to break it into little pieces'

'Simple concise description has made approach and planning simplified'

'Thank you for bringing clarity to paper writing; more straightforward than previously thought'


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