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Facilitation Skills and Coaching Consultancy Services

Facilitation Skills Development

We work with individual clinicians, clinical service managers and quality improvement, clinical governance or clinical audit facilitators to develop their skills as facilitators of work aimed at achieving significant improvements in the quality or safety of patient care.

Major quality or safety improvement projects

We facilitate clinical teams to design complex, sensitive or large-scale quality or safety improvement projects for organizations or clinical services. We work with the clinical and/or management team members to:

  • reach consensus on the purpose and specific objectives of the work
  • identify the people who are going to be involved and how they will be involved
  • test commitment within relevant clinical services and the organization to achieving the improvement
  • describe and map the current processes used to deliver the care or service that is the focus of the improvement work
  • measure the current level of quality or safety, using a variety of quantitative measurement tools
  • measure perceptions of the current service, using a variety of qualitative measurement tools
  • impose data protection provisions in the collection, collation and analysis of data
  • flag any ethics issues that might arise in the improvement project for local resolution
  • recommend approaches for analysis of the findings of baseline measurement, including how to analyse problems revealed and plan and implement action needed.

On request, we carry out the work involved in quality improvement projects we design with designated teams, including the following:

  • train team members to be data collectors for quantitative or qualitative measurement tools, test reliability of data collection among data collectors and monitor data collectors’ adherence to the data collection protocol
  • collect, collate and analyse quantitative or qualitative data
  • facilitate analysis of problems revealed to identify the root causes
  • facilitate planning of action to achieve improvements in practice
  • design repeat data collection following the implementation of action
  • prepare a report on the quality or safety improvement.
Mentoring local clinical audit, clinical governance or quality improvement facilitators

We coach and serve as mentor for quality and safety improvement facilitators, guiding individuals in meeting their organizations’ needs and developing their knowledge and skills related to facilitation of clinical teams.


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