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Clinical Governance Consultation Services

Governance strategies, programmes and functions

We work with healthcare organizations to review and evaluate existing governance strategies and frameworks and reinvigorate and update governance strategies. We also draft corporate policy documents on clinical governance component activities such as clinical audit or clinical risk management.

We help organizations develop specific objectives and work programmes to strengthen clinical governance activities and develop detailed project plans to achieve the defined objectives.

Mentoring clinical governance staff

We coach and serve as mentor for clinical governance managers and coordinators, guiding individuals in meeting their organizations’ needs and developing their knowledge and skills related to clinical governance component activities.

Roles and responsibilities related to governance

We review understandings of responsibilities and accountabilities of individuals, groups and teams related to governance functions in a healthcare organization and revise statements to clarify accountability for various governance activities as needed. We help clinical service teams develop standing agendas related to governance and templates for objectives to be met.

Clinical committees related to clinical governance

We reorganize clinical committee structures and redevelop terms of reference for clinical committees related to accountability for the quality and safety of patient care in order to help committees and working groups be more effective. We prepare committee chairs and members for carrying out new terms of reference, and guide chairs and staff supporting committees in creating agendas and work plans for new areas of responsibility.

Explaining clinical governance strategies to staff

We prepare staff-friendly documents explaining clinical governance functions and the roles and responsibilities of members of staff relating to clinical governance.


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