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Managing Clinical Governance — a 3.5–day national and local course

Benefits of the course

If you’ve been designated to lead or manage clinical governance or to integrate governance functions, our course is intended to help you evaluate and lead your organization’s strategic, structural, systems, cultural and technical support for governance and assurance functions.

The course covers the components of clinical governance in detail and gives practical ideas for how to improve your organization’s current performance of each component and to integrate the functioning of these components:

  • quality improvement
  • implementation of evidence–based practice
  • clinical audit
  • patient experience and involvement
  • risk management including risk assessment, root cause analysis of events and patient safety
  • performance appraisal and continuing development programmes
  • communicating and leading the application of lessons learned.
Intended participants

The course is for individuals who have been newly appointed to lead, facilitate, manage or support clinical governance functions. Individuals appointed to support clinical effectiveness, clinical audit, quality improvement, risk management, patient involvement or complaints handling programmes who are being integrated into new governance roles or structures will benefit from participation in the course.

Learning objectives and format

The course is designed to help participants develop competence and confidence in how to:

  • assess the effectiveness of the components of an organization’s governance programme and identify where improvements are needed
  • use practical tools and techniques to motivate staff to participate in governance-related activities to benefit patients
  • review national standards related to clinical governance
  • identify any strategies, structures, systems, cultural changes or technical support needed to improve the current effectiveness of governance-related activities in the organization
  • integrate governance functions structurally and operationally.

The course covers both theory and practice. Course participants practise how to’s for a part of the course time.

Course programme

The course runs from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm on day 1, 8.45 am to 5.00 pm on days 2 and 3, and 8.45 am to 4:00 pm on day 4. The course includes group and individual work and evening assignments.


Each course participant receives a 432–page Clinical Governance Manual, a detailed self-assessment and development tool on current performance on clinical governance components, and other learning and reference materials. Certificates of participation in the course are provided.

What participants say about the course

Participant comments about the course include:

'Thoroughly enjoyed the course, very useful. All clinical governance managers should go on this'

'Extremely valuable, informative, detailed three days delivered professionally at an exceptionally high standard'

'Actually found the course interesting and enjoyable. Feel what I have learned will be helpful in work'

'Fantastic course. Great tutor/facilitator, my understanding and motivation has increased'

'The facilitator delivered what can sometimes be a very difficult subject with ease. She made it very interesting'

'Excellent instruction, tutor provided added value with experience and knowledge. Very well done'


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