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Clinical Audit Consultation Services

Engagement in clinical audit

We help healthcare organizations provide evidence of their engagement in clinical audit by:

  • helping clinical teams develop clinical audit programmes including national and local clinical audits that include the treatment and outcomes of patients. For more information about our courses on clinical audit, which include advice on developing clinical audit programmes click here.
  • helping organizations develop a clinical audit strategy. Click here for a sample clinical audit strategy document. 
  • providing suitable training to clinicians on the clinical audit process. For information on our one–day clinical audit workshop for clinical staff click here.
  • providing support for local clinical audit training with a comprehensive Clinical Audit Teaching Package. For information on our Clinical Audit Teaching Package click here.
  • helping healthcare organizations review findings of local and national clinical audits and the effectiveness of actions taken to achieve any needed improvements
  • helping organizations prepare meaningful reports on the effectiveness of clinical audits carried out in the organization. For more information about our courses on clinical audit, which include extensive examples of clinical audit reports click here.
  • helping organizations develop effective quality improvement programmes at corporate and clinical team levels. Click here for more information about our quality improvement services.
Design of large-scale or sensitive clinical audits

We design complex, sensitive and large-scale clinical audits for organizations or clinical services. We work with the clinical and/or management team members to:

  • reach consensus on the purpose and specific objectives of the audit
  • identify the people who are going to be involved and how they will be involved
  • agree on the population or sample of cases to be included in the audit and how cases will be identified
  • select the best strategy for data collection given the objectives of the audit
  • develop valid and workable measures of quality and/or safety of patient care
  • devise a data collection protocol and data collection tool
  • impose data protection provisions in the collection, collation and analysis of data
  • flag any ethics issues that might arise in the clinical audit for local resolution
  • recommend approaches for analysis of the findings of the clinical audit, including how to analyse problems revealed by the audit and plan and implement action needed.
Training of data collectors for large-scale clinical audits

When a large-scale clinical audit requires several data collectors, we train data collectors, test reliability of data collection among data collectors and monitor data collectors’ adherence to the data collection protocol.

Analysis of clinical audit data

We collate and analyse data collected for clinical audits. We facilitate peer review of cases that have not been consistent with the quality-of-care measures used in the clinical audit. We calculate measure-by-measure and all-or-none compliance with the quality-of-care measures used in the audit, and present data in run charts as feasible.

Presentation of clinical audit findings

When requested, we present the findings of a clinical audit to the clinical service(s) or organization(s) involved in formal or informal presentations.

Analysis of problems, action planning and measurement of the impact of the actions

We facilitate the analysis of problems revealed by a clinical audit with the clinical and/or management team(s) involved and help teams plan appropriate action to address the root causes of the problems. We also help teams plan how to repeat measurement of practice to determine the impact of the actions taken to achieve improvements in practice.

Clinical audit reports

When requested, we prepare reports on clinical audits we have designed and carried out or supported others in carrying out.

Clinical audit strategies and policies

We work with clinical governance and clinical audit managers and relevant committee chairs and clinical leads to review existing clinical audit strategies or frameworks for healthcare organizations and identify how such strategies or frameworks can be improved. We develop strategy documents on clinical audit, along with performance objectives related to clinical audit and work programmes to achieve the objectives.

We also develop specific policies related to clinical audit such as how national clinical audits are to be handled or how data protection issues related to clinical audit are to be handled. In addition, we have recommended contents for local intranet sites on clinical audit.

Coaching clinical audit committees and staff teams

We work directly with chairs of local clinical audit committees, clinical audit leads and clinical audit managers and facilitators to identify ways of enhancing the roles of committees or teams designated to oversee the execution of clinical audit in a healthcare organization or clinical service. We advise on suitable agendas for committee meetings and facilitate committee members to devise a shared understanding of what the committee exists to achieve on behalf of the organization.

Deriving clinical audit designs from evidence-based practice

Working from national guidance documents or policy statements, we identify what about clinical practice can sensibly be measured in a clinical audit. We design clinical audits to measure compliance with the quality-of-care measures we have derived from the guidance.

Ethics issues in clinical audits

We help clinicians and teams apply criteria to identify ethics issues that might arise in an individual clinical audit, and advise on the appropriate handling of such issues.

Involving patients in clinical audit

When a healthcare organization or a clinical team wants to involve patients actively in the organization’s or team’s clinical audit programme, we advise those involved on practical ways to invite and involve patients or their representatives in clinical audit programmes.


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