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Getting Clinical Audit Right to Benefit Patients — a local workshop for clinical staff

Benefits of the workshop

Many clinical audits take up a lot of staff time, but don’t actually lead to improvements in the quality or safety of patient care. The workshop gives clinical staff practical tools for selecting the right subjects for clinical audit and carrying out a clinical audit the right way to achieve tangible benefits for patients.

Intended participants

The workshop is designed for clinical staff who need or want to carry a clinical audit the right way. Doctors and other healthcare professionals in training programmes benefit from participation in the workshop.

Learning objectives

The workshop helps clinical staff understand how the clinical audit process differs from service evaluations and research and learn how to:

  • select subjects that are worth the time to audit
  • decide exactly what a particular audit is likely to achieve
  • define precisely the aspects of the quality or safety of care the audit will focus on
  • develop objectives for an audit that express the intention to improve the quality of care, if needed
  • formulate meaningful measures of quality or patient safety for a clinical audit
  • decide how to handle clinical exceptions to a standard
  • evaluate a clinical audit design to see if the audit is likely to be successful
  • calculate compliance with clinical audit measures properly
  • analyse clinical audit findings properly
  • analyse the causes of problems that are impeding good practice and plan strategies for taking action to achieve improvements.
Workshop format

The workshop includes short presentations of principles and practical tools and individual practical work. Participants select a high priority subject for clinical audit, design the audit, formulate the measures to be used, plan how data are to be collected, evaluate the design, plan how to present findings to colleagues, identify problems and their causes and develop action plans.

Venue and programme

We provide the Getting Clinical Audit Right to Benefit Patients workshop in local organizations on a day most convenient to the clinical staff who will participate.

The workshop can be half-day running for three and a half hours, one day running from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm, or two days running from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm each day.


Each participant receives a detailed 180–page reference book on clinical audit, Getting Clinical Audit Right to Benefit Patients and a 50–page Clinical Audit Workbook with examples of clinical audit designs and practical assignments for participants to complete in the workshop.

What clinicians say about the workshop

Participants comments about the workshop include:

'Very useful and helpful which has clarified many aspects of audit design and execution'

'Excellent materials gave the day a brilliant start ... made me feel valued'

'Make this day mandatory for all managers ... and doctors in training'

'Very useful — the workshop was a complete package ... not one area was inappropriate'

'For once I feel I am leaving a study day with new information I can put into practice'

'Enjoyed the day, much more valuable than I anticipated'

'Very enjoyable day with an excellent facilitator, impressive knowledge base and very engaging'


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