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Critically Appraising Evidence — a local workshop for clinical staff

Benefits of the workshop

Clinical staff, as well as clinical audit, clinical effectiveness and quality improvement managers, have to be able to find, read and critically appraise literature and other evidence about clinical practice and the quality and safety of healthcare services.

This workshop is designed to help participants learn what is involved in critical appraisal and the basic skills required.

Intended participants

The workshop is intended for clinical staff who want an introduction to critical appraisal methods. It is also for individuals employed to support clinical audit, clinical effectiveness and quality improvement programmes and for any others who want to learn how to appraise evidence on clinical practice.

Learning objectives

The workshop is designed to help participants acquire competence in critically appraising evidence. The workshop includes the following:

  • why critical appraisal is essential for evidence–based practice
  • what critical appraisal means
  • terms used in critical appraisal and their meaning
  • how to critically appraise a research study
  • how to critically appraise systematic reviews and meta–analyses
  • calculations used to assess the efficacy of an intervention and what they mean
  • how to identify and address barriers involved in critically appraising evidence and applying evidence
  • how to make decisions on whether clinical practice should change based on appraisal of evidence.

The workshop includes both theory and practical application.

Venue and workshop programme

We offer the workshop locally or regionally on request on a date convenient to your organization. We provide the workshop in your local venue in order to enable a maximum number of staff to take part. The workshop day runs from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm.


Each participant receives a 40–page book with reference material and practical work, along with examples of evidence to appraise. Certificates of participation in the workshop are provided.

What participants say about the workshop

Participant comments about the workshop include:

'Practical elements where we appraised a study and a systematic review with feedback during and after was most valuable'

'Enjoyed all parts and gained a real benefit'

'Succinct summary of vast areas. Interactive sessions very useful'

'Evaluation of a paper and understanding of basic calculations was most valuable'

'Workshop participants actually undertaking some of the didactic principles was valuable'


Contact us to arrange a local workshop.


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